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We serve coffees that are traceable, fairly traded and showcase the quality and diversity in coffee that can be found today.

Our coffees come from roasters based in Sydney and Melbourne

(plus the occasional international roaster!) 

These include roasters such as Reuben Hills, Seven Seeds and Sample Coffee

We serve both filter and espresso coffee in-store and have beans and equipment to make delicious coffee at home.


From seed to cup, the journey from coffee farm, exporter, roaster, barista to you is a complex one.


At first glance, the coffee journey seems quite simple. However, there is so much more going on here. There are so many questions we can ask. What is done at each step to get a high-quality coffee? Who is the farmer or farmers, the producers? Is it a group of people, or a single family? What type of coffee do they grow? When do they harvest? How do they process the coffee?


Answers to these lead to a diversity in coffee many of us never knew existed. There are also questions on ethical trade. Do we know the producers? Were they paid fairly? Is there an ongoing relationship between roaster and producer? Then there are questions on the environment and sustainability. What impact does production have on the environment? Are there systems in place to minimise negative impacts?


All these questions are what we ask every day at Kickaboom. And they help us decide where we get coffee and who we buy from. The coffee industry is massive and complex, often not transparent, and results in a negative impact on the environment and the people involved.


But there are people and companies who aim to be traceable, transparent, celebrate the producers and pay them well and build an industry that is sustainable and produces delicious coffee. We want to work with these people. And we want to serve these coffees to you.

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